A+T Instruments and FaRo Advanced Systems

Published on: 13 March 2023

FaRo Processor Image

Collaboration agreement between technologies 

A+T Instruments and FaRo Advanced Systems collaborate to see cutting-edge race technology prevail.  

A+T Instruments, the fast-growing high-end instrumentation company, has collaborated with world-renowned FaRo Processors which brings seamless technology links to the A+T Big Format Displays (BFD). 

FaRo Advanced Systems are from America’s Cup pedigree and are on the leading edge of racing with TP52’s, J Class and other high-end race boats. 

The partnership is a fine example of using top-end race systems that can be merged with  complementing technologies. With the FaRo processor driving the beautifully engineered and rugged display screen, this is the ground-breaking technology that is onboard the Swan 125 Skorpios and several other vessels, including Stella Maris.  

The advantages of the A+T BFD are the absolute clarity and resolution on screen with no reflections, in all extremes, from bright sunlight or in the dim light at dusk.  

“The partnership between A+T Instruments and FaRo is something we are so proud of – to see the two companies’ equipment working seamlessly together and being adopted by the leaders in the yacht racing world is just brilliant. We are continually getting such positive feedback for the BFD’s and to be paired with FaRo in these instances shows the future of the technology that is needed and used on racing boats,” says Hugh Agnew, director of A+T Instruments.  

All of the BFD and A+T Displays are designed and manufactured in Lymington, UK. 

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