Barton Marine Launch Land Sailing Hardware Kits

Published on: 25 January 2024

Barton 2501

Barton Marine has launched a range of Land Sailing Kits for Blokart, Odyssey and Manta land yachts. Three kits are available, providing an all-in-one option to update hardware and lines for the different types of land sailing vessel. Each kit is designed to work with a particular class of land yacht and is class legal for racing. 

All variants of the kit contain the ever-popular twelve faced Barton Ratchet Block to provide superior control of the mainsheet line, allowing optimum sail trim for maximum speed. Paired with the included stand-up spring, the Ratchet block can be positioned upright at the best possible angle for smooth running lines and seamless handling. Kits also contain the other necessary blocks (30mm or 45mm) and rope stoppers for simple installation and ease of use.

Barton deck hardware is renowned for its hard-wearing durability, performance and value. Creating the new Land Sailing Kits means land sailors can also benefit from over 75 years’ experience developing and manufacturing marine equipment in the UK, and it ensures certainty over the correct product to use.  

Part Number 98096 – Blokart – 6/8mm (1/4” / 5/16t”) line – RRP £114.24 ex sales tax ($169.80)

Part Number 98098 – Manta / Odyssey 1 – 2:1 10mm (3/8”) line – RRP £132.60 ex sales tax ($198.18)

Part Number 98099 – Manta / Odyssey 2 – 3:1 10mm (3/8”) line – RRP £148.92 ex sales tax ($225.88)

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