Outremer Catamaran

Outremer Catamaran
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Go fast. Go far. Set yourself free.

Seaworthy means:

To be safe. Safety is a result of the quality of the design and consistency of manufacture of our yachts.

To have peace of mind to enjoy a free and easy life aboard, for both short and longer stays. Old and young alike gain immediate pleasure from making the space their own on board an Outremer….comfortable and worry-free.

To be free to go anywhere. An Outremer is a seaworthy boat which can take on the challenges of the open ocean, giving you the security to explore.

Simplicity means:

· To have a boat without complicated systems, designed with easy-of-maintenance as a top priority.

· To make life onboard as simple as possible. Years of research and development and feedback from our owners have made Outremer systems to be easily and economically maintained anywhere in the world.

Fast means:

· To bring a source of pleasure for everyone on board. It is the very essence of sailing.

· To use speed to enhance both safety and comfort. The average speed our boats allow us to avoid adverse weather systems, to maneuver in all conditions, and to reach your destinations faster than slower boats.

Business Slogan:
As embodied in the company name, Outremer Yachts are designed for people who go places. The design concept is:To design and build catamarans that are seaworthy, fast and simple To customize each boat to complement the way each owner sails and live
726, La Grande-Motte, France

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