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The Vandutch is an inception of rapid acceleration and excellent cornering. Speeds over 40 knots are easily attained with the help of the several engines models available in a wide selection of models.
Free of vibrations and not succumbed by engine sounds, Vandutch boats are uniquely smooth riding while staying discreetly quiet.
The engine power is directly transmitted to the propeller shafts, of high quality, through tunnels specially designed, ensuring a perfect angle almost horizontal.
VanDutch boats are easy to maneuver with help from the stern and bow thrusters, as a standard. Moreover, to complete this equipment, VanDutch boats are equipped with an autopilot and a navigation system to stay in control of the boat without any stress.

Business Slogan:
«VanDutch Marine» is a short for «Vanguard Dutch Marine», design and the renowned Dutch craftsmanship of yacht construction. In other words, a symbiosis of modern design and advanced technology in the most avant-garde fashion.

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