DECARBONISATION – The EU updates the list of harmonised standards to the RCD

Published on: 25 January 2024

european commission

The European Committee has proceeded with the publication of the following ISO standards in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU):

  • EN ISO 8848:2022 Small craft – Remote mechanical steering systems 
  • EN ISO 10088:2023 Small craft – Permanently installed fuel systems 
  • EN ISO 10592:2022 Small craft – Remote hydraulic steering systems

The publication of the standard in the journal means that this version of the standard is now harmonised (if followed gives automatic presumption of conformity to the relevant essential safety requirement of the recreational craft directive).  


Although the new standards are harmonised from the point of publication in the journal the old standards harmonisation does not end immediately, in order to give the industry the time it needs to transition. Below is the list of when the old standards presumption of conformity ends:

  • EN ISO 8848:2017 small craft – Remote mechanical steering systems – presumption of conformity ends 12/07/2025
  • EN ISO 10088:2017 Small Craft – Permanently installed fuel systems – presumption of conformity ends 12/07/2025
  • EN ISO 10592:2017 Small Craft – Remote hydraulic steering system – presumption of conformity ends 12/07/2025.

 A full list of the harmonised standards can be found in the EU official journal here – DocsRoom – European Commission (

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