Eyemouth Marine leads the way in fight against pollution

Published on: 26 April 2023

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Eyemouth Marine leads the way in sustainable boat maintenance with revolutionary new technology, the first of its kind in Scotland.

Eyemouth Marine has installed a new, innovative system that addresses the negative environmental impact of antifoul chemicals used in boat maintenance (supplied by FiltaBund). The new system, called the PPS (Pollution Prevention System), is designed to process the toxic antifoul water mixture and pump out fresh, clean water, minimising harm to local wildlife and ecosystems.

“We welcome this significant investment from Eyemouth Marine which is taking the lead in keeping our waters clean. These positive steps will contribute to our collective efforts to protect the reserve and marine life in the area.” – Andy Ashcroft, executive director, Berwickshire Marine Reserve.

Traditionally, boats are painted with antifoul to prevent seaweed and barnacle growth, which only lasts for a short while and must be pressure washed off to apply a fresh coat.  However, this process results in the chemicals being washed back into the sea, causing harm to the local wildlife and ecosystems, as the antifoul itself is toxic and is designed to hinder marine life. The PPS system uses a combination of filters and process chemicals to process the toxic solution, pumping out fresh, clean water at the other end.

“It’s fantastic that boat owners and skippers can come to us now knowing that when we work on their boats, they will not be contributing to pollution in the seas around us, the seas that we all love and depend on so much,” Hamish Barbour, marine services director. “The yard has been working on this project for a good few years now, and although it may seem like a small thing – not to pollute the sea – it has taken a lot of effort to get us here. We’d like to say a big thanks to everybody who has helped along the way, it’s working a treat.”

Eyemouth Marine’s PPS system is a significant step forward in reducing the environmental impact of boat maintenance, and the company’s commitment to sustainability is a model for the marine industry. To arrange a visit to the yard and to see a demonstration the new PPS system, please contact Charlotte Keeley, email enquiries@eyemouthmarine.co.uk

Equipment supplied by FiltaBund, carried out by Mi T Richardson Ltd and done with the support of SOSE.

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