London and South East blog May 2023

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2023 RYA Regional Junior Championships

Join us in June for a festival of youth sailing. The events are catered to young sailors of all abilities from those just starting out to seasoned racers, in three fleets:

  • Championship Fleet for more experienced racers
  • Coached Regatta Fleet for those wanting to get their first taste of racing
  • Rookie Fleet supported by the RYA’s Onboard programme for children who are new to sailing.

Clubs are encouraged to bring as many sailors as possible – with prizes handed out for the most sailors from one club. In particular we’re looking to increase numbers in the Rookie Fleet, so OnBoard club/centres, why not bring your kids out for their first away event. Our dinghy event is at Queen Mary Sailing Club on 17-18 June and windsurfers at Datchet Sailing Club on 10 June. Find out more and enter

Dinghies being launched

Welcome to our new Sailing Development Officer

…….Paul Outram, who brings a wealth of experience in dinghy, windsurf, wing and powerboat training. Paul will initially be working on workforce development with members of the RYA regional team to provide more localised training, particularly for instructors.

Paul Outram is the new SDO for London and South East

Photo – Paul Outram

Club of the Year

…….. will be changing for 2024, with four categories:

  1. Community Club of the Year – for clubs who have developed inclusive projects in areas such as diversity, gender and disability
  2. Green Club of the year – for clubs who have developed green initiatives
  3. Young person’s Club of the Year – for clubs who have developed programmes for under 25s to encourage their retention in the sport
  4. Active Club of the Year – for clubs who have developed their member pathways in order to increase activity

All projects should have been in the previous 12-24 months. Anyone can nominate a club; clubs will then be asked for more details to support their nomination. There will be some significant sponsors aligned to each club – to be announced shortly. Nominations open on the 1 June and close on the 28 August. There will be 2-3 finalists for each Award, the winners will be selected by the Awards Panel. The overall COTY winner will receive the trophy and be selected by the Awards Panel (there will be no public vote). Please keep an eye on future blogs and our social media for updates.

Senior Instructor courses

Is your club short of Dinghy Senior Instructors? Then please register for one of the following courses: Bewl Water Outdoor Centre 15/16 and 22/23 July Queen Mary Sailing Club 7/8 & 14/15 October Find out more and register 

LSE Instructor training day

The Green Blue Boating Pledge

…………is for anyone who enjoys getting out on the water in a more environmentally sustainable way and wants to pledge to respect, protect, and enjoy our inland and marine waters, wildlife and habitats. Please read more about it and make your pledge 


Are you looking for funding? Find out how the RYA can support your club with securing funding, including the RYA’s recently contracted Funding Support Officers.  Also please take a look at funding opportunities  

Share your stories

We’re always looking out for stories to pop on our web site and send to your local media, and snippets (two or three sentences) to promote your events or show what you’ve been doing, with photos (landscape format) and links. Or why not send us a short video (15-100 seconds, landscape format) done in one take on your ‘phone to share on our social media. All should have some RYA/regional connection. Other clubs can enjoy your achievements and benefit from your experience. Send us your story


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