MCA publishes an update to MGN 276 (M+F): Fire protection – maintenance of portable fire extinguishers

Published on: 27 April 2023


Portable fire extinguishers are pressure containers that require correct maintenance. The marine environment can be harsh and special care is needed to ensure long-term safe operation. 

Fatalities have previously occurred due to people operating marine portable fire extinguishers which have been attributed to corrosion of the extinguisher bases. The structure in these cases was weakened to such an extent that the extinguishers exploded when activated.

The MCA has now published MGN 276 (M+F) Amendment 1: Fire protection – maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.

The MGN outlines and lists the relevant legislation on the maintenance and servicing of portable fire extinguishers, including service interval tables.

This amendment includes updates to include guidance for fire extinguishers with composite bodies and to the most up to date version of relevant standards.

The MGN can be downloaded from the website here.

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