McConaghy ensures its eco-friendly credentials with Wave International Wavestream Bilge Filters

Published on: 07 March 2024

Wave International

Established in 1967, McConaghy has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of composite sail and power yachts ranging from world-adventure seeking performance catamarans to high-profile race yachts and America’s Cup chase boats.

With manufacturing sites in China and Australia employing over 400 personnel, McConaghy craft can be found all over the world, spanning some of the busiest and upmarket marinas to secluded bays in remote areas. This includes special marine sites, which may be protected by local and international regulations.

No matter where McConaghy yachts go, owners and crew can be confident that they are not leaving behind any overboard pollution emitted from bilge water pumped overboard.  

This is thanks to the compact Wavestream filter which is installed between the bilge pump and bilge discharge, ensuring only clean water is pumped overboard. The sophisticated Wavestream filters ensure that any traces of oil, as well as microfibres and microplastic particles are trapped within the cartridge, meaning the highest worldwide standard of 5 ppm (particles per million) is achieved. The Wavestream filter can hold up to three times its own weight of oil, and depending on use, the filter only needs changing once a year.  

McConaghy prides itself on constantly innovating, testing and improving through research and development, so finding a ‘fit and forget’ solution to preventing overboard pollution was paramount to meeting its environmental standards.  By fitting Wavestream filters, owners and crew can automatically protect the environment no matter where they are in the world.  The proven technology and compact, lightweight design makes it easy to fit with sophisticated filter cartridges capturing all forms of oil, grease, diesel and even microplastics and microfibres, plus some heavy metals that can wash down into the bilges. 

Wavestream filters typically only require changing annually, and can be done easily by the owner or crew, or carried out at the same time as annual servicing.

Wavestream bilge filters are fitted on McConaghy’s MC75 and MC82p and supplied directly from Wave International. 

More information about Wave International products, this press release and high res images can be found at For more information contact Alice Driscoll, Consulting Partners, Tel +44 (0) 7971 019377 or email [email protected] or Paul Gullett, Wave International, [email protected] 


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