MMO Marine Planning National Focus Group update

Published on: 30 August 2023


Marine planning is the approach to managing the seas around England introduced by the Marine and Coastal Access act 2009.

There are 10 marine plan areas in the UK. 

  1. North East inshore 
  2. North East offshore 
  3. East inshore
  4. East offshore 
  5. South East inshore 
  6. South inshore 
  7. South offshore 
  8. South West inshore 
  9. South West offshore 
  10. North West

Each of the ten areas have a marine plan with a long-term (20 years) view of activities and will be reviewed every three years. 

Marine plans are intended to:

  • Inform and guide marine users and regulators by providing a clear, evidence-based approach to inform decision-making on where activities might take place within the marine plan area.
  • Manage the sustainable development of marine industries, such as marinas, moorings, wind farms and fishing.
  • Help conserve and protect marine species and habitats.

Marine plans contribute to the UK having clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas.

The review process considers user satisfaction with the current marine plan and how marine plans are used be it for strategic planning or supporting planning decisions and responses. How marine planning could be improved without any loss to the environment. Consideration is also given to what needs to change within the marine plan to maintain an ease of use.

If you or your organisation have any issues around marine planning, then please contact James Brushwood who will be able to help with your query.

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