Could your club be paying less for insurance?

The cost of living crisis is understandably a hot topic right now that is likely to impact all clubs and their members. One expenditure that all clubs are likely to have is insurance.  Whilst not having insurance in place would pose  a significant risk to clubs and could contravene regulations/contractual obligations, there may be ways to reduce or spread this cost over the year.

We advise clubs to review their insurance schedule regularly as operations change from time to time and it is not uncommon for clubs to find that they are paying to insure equipment/facilities/activities that are no longer in service/provided. Clubs may therefore save money by checking that all aspects of their insurance cover requirements are  up to date and accurate. Clubs should then make contact with their insurance provider to ensure that premiums are adjusted accordingly.

More and more clubs are enabling members to pay membership fees monthly which changes the profile of a club’s income – moving from a very large proportion of the membership income being paid within a few months of the year to a fairly even distribution over a 12 month period. This can create challenges with cashflow, where clubs are tied into paying large annual bills – such as for the cost of annual insurance. The good news is that clubs that are insured through our partnered insurance broker, Gallagher with the RYA Club Combined insurance policy can spread the cost of their insurance over 12 monthly interest free payments*.

To discuss this further and make suitable arrangements,  please contact the team at Gallagher T 0800 062 2309 | E

If you require support or have questions about insurance please contact

*The interest-free direct debit service is provided by Navigators & General, the credit decision may include a credit check being carried out. Please note that Navigators & General has its own set of terms, conditions and charges and you should familiarise yourself with these carefully. Please also note that the Instalment facility made available by Gallagher is available for new policyholders at inception and existing policyholders at renewal.

Royal Yachting Association is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Office: Spectrum Building 7th Floor, 55 Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 7AT. Registered in Scotland. Company Number: SC108909. FP1608-2022. Exp. 10/11/2023



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