Rooster® partners with The Final Straw Foundation on its Clean Christmas Campaign

Published on: 14 December 2022

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Rooster has teamed up with the Final Straw foundation to launch its ‘Clean Christmas Campaign’.

This campaign aims to tackle the classic Christmas giveaways differently this year, in favour of reducing waste and environmental impact. There are two ways in which Rooster is offering people to get involved, for maximum inclusivity as they appreciate one or the other may not be possible for everyone. 

There is an incentive to get involved where Rooster is gifting a limited edition co-branded Rooster + Final Straw Foundation award-winning Aquafleece® Robe, alongside a Guppy®friend Washing Bag (for safe aftercare and washing of the removable lining) to the best eco warriors that partake in the campaign. 

As an outdoors brand, Rooster® relies on the outdoors as its playground, where protecting it is at the forefront of the brand’s ethos. They are excited to be partnering with the Final Straw Foundation on this campaign, which is a registered charity working to highlight the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and to try to minimise the amount of plastic entering our local seas and wider ocean. 

“We are excited to work with the Final Straw Foundation on this campaign, not only for its invaluable advice on eco practices but also to increase awareness behind the importance of cleaning up our environment so that we can continue to have fun in what nature offers.” – Luke Morrison, CEO, Rooster.

The campaign has two actions to get involved. 

  1. Pick up some rubbish within the local community, whether this be the local park, beach or around the streets. Or go even further and organise a group clean-up. 
  2. Repurpose any of your old sailing gear to make it into something useful for a second lease of life. 

Rooster has set up a page on its website, launching on Tuesday 6 December with further information on the campaign. It features safety tips for litter cleans, benefits to getting outdoors or doing something practical, and downloadable patterns for making other items. 

The concept of the campaign is to push a movement in mindset and awareness in the watersports and outdoors community, enhanced through the use of social media sharing and engagement to gain visibility. 

Bianca Carr, founder and CEO at the Final Straw Foundation offered some words about why the brand likes Rooster: “Rooster is encouraging everyone to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce their personal plastic footprint. The environment is important to Rooster, and it’s a pleasure to see it taking its responsibility so seriously.”


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