RSG Guidelines 2023 V2 has been released

Published on: 20 March 2023

RSG Guidelines

Latest version (2023) of the RSG Guidelines revised to update and correct certain references

The RSG guidelines are the go-to document for boatbuilders and boatyards, detailing the RCD requirements, Supporting ISO Standards and clarifying certain areas of the legislation.

The Guidelines are organised into six parts:

Part I: RCD Articles

Part II: Essential Requirements including:

  • Annex I of RCD: Essential requirements
  • Annex II of RCD: Components of watercraft
  • Annex III of RCD: Declaration by the manufacturer or the importer of the partly completed watercraft (article 6(2))
  • Annex IV of RCD: EU DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY No xxxxx ( 1 )
  • Annex VI of RCD: Supplementary requirements when internal production control plus supervised production tests set out in Module A1 is used
  • Annex VII of RCD: Conformity of production assessment for exhaust and noise emissions”);
  • Annex VIII Supplementary procedure to be applied under conformity to type based on internal production control (Module C)
  • Annex IX Technical documentation

Part III: Conformity Assessment Procedures including:

  • Annex II of Decision No 768/2008/EC as specified in Article 24 «Supplementary requirements» of RCD II

Part IV: Post-Construction Assessment (PCA) including:

  • Annex V of RCD: Equivalent conformity based on post-construction assessment (module PCA)

Part V: Harmonised Standards with Annexes ZA

Part VI:  Recommendations for Use (RfU) prepared by RSG

They can be downloaded from here


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