Wescom Group launches Dame nominated sMRT ALERT at METSTRADE Stand 03.321

Published on: 09 November 2023

smrt alert

The new DSC AIS Man Overboard device enhances localised recovery with simplified fitting, faster activation and wearer acknowledgements 

The sMRT ALERT represents the digitisation of Man Overboard (MOB) beacons, with two-way signalling, real-time location tracking via AIS (Automatic Identification System) and using DSC (Digital Selective Calling) to alert nearby vessels to the call for help. The sMRT ALERT’s user focused safety innovations have been recognised at this year’s METSTRADE exhibition by being nominated for a coveted DAME Award. 

The sMRT ALERT’s water activation feature means it can be attached to any life jacket via its rugged clip mechanism, without specialist fitting. By being easily carried or worn, combined with confidence that the device will call for help even if the user is incapacitated, this ensures a convenient MOB solution for all users. 

Offering the latest technology for wearable personal safety devices and providing a new level of reassurance for the user, the sMRT ALERT includes a beacon management app to connect the beacon to your smartphone. This simplifies device use and makes it convenient to check on activation status and the power reserves in the five-year battery. 

The sMRT ALERT can be activated manually or in armed mode will automatically send an alert after total water immersion for more than two seconds. Once activated, the sMRT ALERT emits an audible alarm and powerful strobe to confirm activation and improve detection in low light. Most significantly, the sMRT ALERT internal DSC receiver allows a confirmation when its DSC distress signal has been acknowledged.  

Wescom Group CEO Ross Wilkinson stated: 


“Over many decades, the Wescom product range has been synonymous with high quality and reliability, we are taking this experience and dedication towards Marine Safety into our newly launched electronics division. It’s fantastic to see our first product in this category has been recognised for its safety innovations with a Dame nomination. We look forward to demonstrating the sMRT ALERT at this year’s METS TRADE.”

The sMRT ALERT is also one of the first products on the market designed to meet the new Class M regulation ECC Decision (22)02), which will restrict AIS only MOB devices use of core AIS channels in certain countries from December 2024. Only class M devices such as the ALERT – those with GNSS and internal DSC receiver – will be allowed to continue to use AIS channels 1 and 2.  

The sMRT ALERT costs from £270 RRP and is manufactured in the UK by Wescom Group, benefiting from the sMRT brand’s 45 years of expertise in the development of electronic distress signals. It will be available worldwide through Wescom’s network of international distributors.